roadmap & objectives

roadmap & objectives

top objectives for 2024

  • drive adoption to 5k daily active users

  • collect better data

  • embrace ai

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goal: understand what performers what and give it to them


  • geographic filtering

    • find performers by city

    • top genres in a city

  • increase venue response rate

    • more follow ups

    • automated gig opportunities

    • more venues

  • web support

  • api support

  • improve ui interactions, address visual glitches, and mitigate crashes


goal: get a high volume of high quality data


  • accelerate data partnerships

  • estimates based on booking frequency, genre, and socials


long term goal: build a super intelligent booking agent

short term goal: ship meaningful analytics and stats enabled by our data and emerging tech (LLMs)


  • smarter bill recommendations to maximize ticket sales

  • collaboration with assistant in-app

  • calculate related performers

  • more refined “performers score”

  • more accurate estimates

    • est. ticket price for a show/tour

    • est. attendance for show/tour

  • generating tour routes